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Pump repair service

LMI has the ability to service, repair and test pumps. Whether you need an expert eye to find and fix a problem you are having, or just simply want to service your pump, we can facilitate your needs. Send you pump to us along with your company details and we will take a look at the pump and arrange a repair quotation for you.

LMI Technical Support

Why choose a dosing pump

The dosing pump is to the traditional pump what the stopwatch is to the hourglass. It is at the same time a pump and a liquid end: it transfers a liquid and measures the dose at the same time.

Characteristics of a dosing pump

Dosing pumps belong to the family of reciprocating volumetric pumps. Differing from centrifugal pumps, which generate speed, dosing pumps generate volume.

Corrosion table

The resistance to corrosion is a function of several parameters such as the chemical concentration, temperature, mechanical constraints, environment, etc.

The drive mechanism of a dosing pump

The 3 principal components of electro-magnetic and electro-mechanical dosing pumps.

Liquid end and diaphragm of a dosing pump

The plunger liquid end and the diaphragm liquid end, the mechanically and hydraulically activated diaphragm.

The mechanical assembly of a dosing pump

The 3 principal mechanical components of electro-magnetic and electro-mechanical dosing pumps.

Properties of fluids

The question of the physical properties of fluids arises during the selection of a dosing pump (viscosity for example) as well as when calculating the dimensions of its installation (notably the NPSH calculation).

The correct installation of a dosing pump

Flow and pressure laws, traps to avoid, NPSH calculations, good and bad installations