At Liquid Metering Instruments, we specialise in providing cutting-edge chemical metering solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Utilities Industry, Power Generation, and Municipal Water sectors. With a keen focus on cooling towers, steam water, drinking water, waste water, and sewerage treatment, we bring efficiency and reliability to the heart of your operations.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our dedication to offering the fines pump ranges, with a spotlight on the Milton Roy G, Mroy & Maxroy series. These pumps are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industrial processes, ensuring precise and reliable chemical dosing.

Key Sectors We Serve

  1. CoolingTowers:
  • Ensure optimal biological growth and corrosion  with our semi-industrial pumps designed for cooling tower water applications. Trust in the reliability of our Milton Roy & LMI series to keep your systems operating at safe levels
  1. Hot/Steam Water:
  • Experience unmatched precision in dosing chemicals for hot/steam water systems. Our semi-industrial pump ranges provide the accuracy and control necessary for the demanding conditions of hot and steam water processes.
  1. Drinking Water:
  • Safeguard the quality of drinking water with our advanced metering solutions. Our Milton Roy & LMI pumps are designed to meet the highest standards, ensuring the precise dosing required for maintaining water quality.
  1. Waste Water & Sewerage Treatment:
  • Address the challenges of waste water and sewerage treatment with confidence. Our industrial pump ranges play a crucial role in optimising chemical dosing, contributing to the effective treatment of wastewater.

Why Choose LMI pumps?

Robust Design: Engineered for durability, the Milton Roy Mroy, Milroyal, Maxroy & Primeroyal series is built to withstand the demanding conditions of semi-industrial applications.

Precision Dosing: Achieve unparalleled accuracy in chemical dosing, crucial for maintaining the integrity of your processes and systems.

Adaptability: Versatile and adaptable, our pumps are designed to meet the dynamic needs of the industrial water treatment sector.

Partner with Us

Liquid Metering Instruments Ltd is more than a distributor – we’re your strategic partner in ensuring the success of your operations. Contact us today to explore how our dosing solutions, particularly the Milton Roy industrial pump series, can elevate the performance of your applications in the Utilities, Power Generation, and Municipal waste water sectors.

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