Sample Cooler

Spirax Sarco coolers are used to take samples of water or from boilers at high temperature and pressure. The counter-current flow through the shell and coil condenses the steam and cools hot fluids to enable safe sampling.

When hot pressurised liquids are being cooled the sample cooler prevents ‘flashing-off’ which can be dangerous and will result in an inaccurate sample. By utilising corrosion resistant materials for the cooler, contamination is minimised, and life maximised.

  • Corrosion resistant materials (316L austenitic stainless steel) for long life and con:a nation-free samples.
  • Counter-current flow for efficient cooling.
  • Available with: Hygienic sample inlet (Tri-clamp compatible). Hygienic sample inlet (Tri-clamp compatible) and defined internal coil finish (SSC20).
  • Safe and accurate sampling.
  • Off-the-shelf availability for a complete system package (BSP connections).
  • Compact and maintenance free design.

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