PD series

Introducing the PD Series chemical metering pump, the new standard in water treatment. This upgrade to LMI’s most popular pump series includes an improved drive design, all new electronics, and proven FASTPRIME™ liquid ends. Available in Manual or Enhanced control models, the PD Series pump fits seamlessly into your process control application. The Manual model offers straightforward control without the need for tedious calculations. Its split-scale dial ensures precision, even at lower flow rates. The Enhanced model offers external control and a large graphical display to provide intuitive access to advanced features such as calibration assist, system and user totalizers, the new STAYPRIME™ degassing technology, and more.
Trusted by water treatment professionals for more than a generation, the PD Series chemical metering pump will continue to earn your trust for years to come.

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    • Advanced Electronics with dynamic compensation for temperature and voltage conditions
    • Improved Drive Design
    • Dual Voltage: 110/240V
    • Fast Prime as Standard
    • Speed Adjustment only
    • Output 4.8ml to 7.6L/hr
    • 0.8 – 160 spm;
200:1 turn down
    • IP65 Housing
    • +/- 3% accuracy/repeatability
    • Suction Lift 1.5m
Pressure upto 30.6 bar
  • Imperial & metric fitting
  • Liquid & Ambient Temperature between -10 & 500C
  • (Except 316 SS versions)


Features extra to PD0
  • Output 4.8ml to 7.6L/hr Speed Adjustment only
  • External Control Inputs: pulse, stop/start & level indication
  • LCD Graphical display: for intuitive navigation to configure, operate
    and view status from a distance
  • Calibration Assist: Allows simple calibration adjustment on screen
  • StayPrime Degassing Technology: Automates the priming cycle after a period of idle time
  • System & User Totalisers: Logs pump strokes, estimated volume
    and power cycles, indicates when service due.

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Additional information

Control Options

4 – 20 MA Control, Manual Control, Pulse Input

Max Output (L/H)

0 – 10

Max Pressure (Bar)

0 – 2, 2 – 10, 10 – 20, 20+