LMI Polymatic

The LMI “Polymatic” has been designed as a liquid emulsion polymer “Make down” system, For use in both the Paper making and Water treatment/ Effluent industries. The “Polymatic” conforms to both local and European directives regarding electrical and mechanical directives, together with the latest requirements of the water regulations 1999 covering backflow prevention. The weir plate design incorporated in the mains water feed tank, allows the “Polymatic” to be used in areas classed as FLUID CATEGORY 5 risk of contaminationi.

  • Small, Compact foot-print.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Inter-locked to water supply so only works when there is sufficient water flow.
  • Continuous Production or batch processed via level switches.
  • Standby Mode allows system to remain Idle when solution is not required.
  • Rental Terms Available.
  • Weir Overflow Design meets 1999 water regulations on back flow prevention.
  • Adjustable Water Flow and Polymer pump to vary the concentration produced.
  • Ancillary Equipment also available such as Polymer Tanks, Storage Tanks, Level Control devices & Process Dosing Pumps.

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