LMI Dilution Systems

A wide range of polymer make down (dilution) systems

LMI Dilution Systems - For dry powder polymer applications, we offer the MANUAL make down system “The Polypack M”. Available in sizes from 200 ltr to 1000 ltr. Or for AUTOMATIC control, we offer the Polypack “APX MAX” series available in sizes from 500 ltr to 12,000 ltr (based on a 30 minute aging time).

  • The POLYPACK M system is based on a single storage tank, fitted c/w a manually controlled water/ polymer inlet system and supplied with a slow speed agitator (@ 140 rpm), an outlet connection (for optional solution pump) and a pump mounting shelf welded directly to the side wall of the tank.
  • The POLYPACK APX system is based on an automated preparation system fitted to a rectangular polypropylene sectional tank supplied c/w either 2 or 3 sections for mixing & maturation. An automated water inlet fills onto a polymer “wetting ramp” with the dry powder auguring over the top of the inlet water. A series of mixers are utilised to complete the mixing/ ageing process. Maximum make down strength @ 0.5%

For liquid polymer applications, we offer the Polymatic automated make down system. Capable of being used on “Category 5” applications such as effluent treatment plants due to the “Type A” air gap fitted to the water break tank. Offering back flow prevention and protection from contamination of the potable water supply.

  • The Polymatic series ranges from the smallest size available 120 lph (solution flow) to the largest 3240 lph. Maximum make down strength @ 1%

In addition, LMI can provide a full range of polymer solution dosing systems, for downstream injection of the made down solution. From a single pump system, to duty / standby operation, to a multiple pump injection system. LMI can provide it all, using our own range of “High Viscosity” dosing pumps (from 50 lph to 500 lph), or using progressive cavity pumps from 100 lph to 5,000 lph when applicable.

Manufactured on box sectional frames, or contained with large GRP enclosures and supplied c/w all necessary pipe work and controls.

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