PFS Injection Quills

Key Specifications

Part No

IQ-5B6-316-25 IQ-5B6-PP-25 IQ-5B6-PVC-25 IQ-5B6-PVDF-25 IQ-5B8-316-25 IQ-5B8-PP-25 IQ-5B8-PVC-25 IQ-5B8-PVDF-25

PFS injection quills are designed to inject chemical into the centre stream of process to provide a more homogenous mix in the pipeline.

  • Available in PVC, PP, PVDF and 316 SS
  • Two sizes: 6" and 8"
  • Built in spring loaded check valve.
  • 1/4" orifice for higher capacity flow.
  • Stainless steel spring as standard, Hastelloy "C" available as an option.
  • Pressure range tp 3000 PSI (316 SS)
  • Temperatures to 260ºC (316 SS)
Part No Size Body Temp
IQ-5B6-PVC-25 6" PVC 60ºC
IQ-5B6-PP-25 6" PP 90ºC
IQ-5B6-PVDF-25 6" PVDF 125ºC
IQ-5B6-316-25 6" 316 SS 260ºC
IQ-5B8-PVC-25 8" PVC 60ºC
IQ-5B8-PP-25 8" PP 90ºC
IQ-5B8-PVDF-25 8" PVDF 125ºC
IQ-5B8-316-25 8" 316 SS 260ºC


MaterialMax Temp (c)Part NoSize (inches)
PVC60 IQ-5B6-PVC-256"
Polypropylene 90IQ-5B6-PP-256
316 SS260IQ-5B6-316-256
Polypropylene 90IQ-5B8-PP-258
316 SS260IQ-5B8-316-258

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