Chlorine dioxide generator

The LMI Chlortronic system accurately generates and doses Chlorine Dioxide into water services, particularly where very low demands are required. It is used to disinfect water and control legionella and other potentially harmful pathogens.

Chlortronic technology generates in situ, within a safe, self contained reactor unit, Chlorine Dioxide concentrates between 1% and 5% either by acid/chlorite method or stabilised Chlorine Dioxide pre cursor and

The Chlorine Dioxide solution is then further diluted into a motive water stream and injected into the process onsite. Installations are typically either recirculating a water storage tank or rising main.



• Compact design for small plant rooms

• Digital water meter inputs
• Volt free outputs for connection to BMS systems
• Internal splitter for water meter pulse
• Low voltage control circuit
• Safety dilution flow sensor
• Sight glass for visual ClO2 indication
• Internal connections for 0.37kW circulation pump (pump
• Max operating pressure 8 Bar
• Enclosed reactor and wet end pipe work
• Optional analyser upgrade package available
• Superior build quality for trouble free operation
• Digital and flow monitor pumps available as optional


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