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Pinch Valves

Any industry that handles abrasive and corrosive slurries, dry solids that clog, viscous materials or any medium that must be reliably controlled has a need for pinch valves. Typical industries include water treatment / sewage treatment, pulp and paper, mining, building, food and chemical industries.


Applying pressure between the valve body and internal sleeve closes the valve. Usually pressure is applied by air but water could also be used.

Pinch valve advantages:

  • Full bore - no pressure drop, no risk of blockage.
  • Total sealing - with solids particles present, gas, powders and slurries.
  • Leak free - due to absence of glands.
  • Sleeve life: three grades of rubber available, natural rubber, Neoprene and non toxic rubber.
  • Installation protected - water hammer avoided on opening and closing.