Aluminium Body Pinch Valve with Neoprene Sleeve

Key Specifications

Part No

306 0061 122F 306 0062 122F 306 0063 122F 306 0064 122F

Applying pressure between the valve body and the internal sleeve closes the valve. Usually the pressure is applied by air, but water can be also used. Pinch valves advantages are;

  • Full bore, no pressure drop, or risk of blockage
  • Complete sealing against solids, gas, water, powder and slurries
  • Leak free

Any industry that handles abrasive and corrosive slurries, dry solids that clog, viscous materials or any medium that must really be controlled has a need for a pinch valve. 

Typical industries include water treatment, sewage treatment, pulp and paper, mining, building, chemical and engineering. 

Size DN Connection Part No
100 Cast Iron 306 0061 122F
100 316 SS N/A
125 Cast Iron 306 0062 122F
125 316 SS N/A
150 Cast Iron 306 0063 122F
150 316 SS N/A
200 Cast Iron 306 0064 122F
200 316 SS N/A


Connection TypePart NoSize (DN)
Cast Iron Flanged306 0064 122F200
Cast Iron Flanged306 0062 122F125
Cast Iron Flanged306 0063 122F150
Cast Iron Flanged306 0061 122F100

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