Varipulse Motor Controllers

Key Specifications

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For applications requiring proportional dosing control when using Models GA and GM motor driven dosing pumpsĀ Varipulse Motor Controllers provide the ideal solution.

For pulse or 4-20 mA control with manual overide use Varipulse-V.

For 4-20 mA only use Varipulse-F.


  • 3 operating modes (Type V): Manual speed 0 - 100%, speed control by 4-20 mA signal, pulse control
  • IP 55 protection
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Supply voltage 230V
  • Requires 10 amp MCB for supply protection

When using Varipulse controllers they have to be ordered with the pump and will be supplied with factory fitted 415V three phase motor. The controllers only require a 240V supply. Not suitable for explosion proof motors.

Part NoDescription
VARIPULSE-V3 Operating Modes, Manual Speed, 4-20 MA And Pulse.
VARIPULSE-FSuitable For 4-20 MA Control Only.

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