Roytronic Excel AD With AutoPrime Liquid End For Sodium Hypochlorite.Flow Rates Up To 6.8 L/H

Features as standard range of the Roytronic Excel with the addition of an AutoPrime liquid end which provides automatic and continuous bleed. Recommended for products that require degassing ie Sodium Hypochlorite. Note reduced output and pressure from the standard FastPrime liquid end.

MODEL EXCEL AD  WITH AUTOPRIME LIQUID END                                      
 Part No Liquid End Tube Size Flow Rate l/h Pressure Bar Optional 4FV
AD915-910A2 ACRYLIC 0.250" OD 0.6 10.3 48799
AD945-920A2 ACRYLIC 0.250" OD 1.2 10.3 48799
AD955-930A2 ACRYLIC 0.375" OD 3.0 7.6 48754
AD965-940A2 ACRYLIC 0.375" OD 6.8 3.4 48754



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