GM50 Motor Driven Dosing Pump - up to 50 L/H

Key Specifications


6X8 6X12 1/2 BSP 9X12 TUBE (D) 15 X 23 TUBE (S) 9X12 TUBE (D) 15X23 TUBE (S) F 1/2 BSP

Head Material


Max Flow (l/h)


Max Pressure (Bar)


Part No

GM50-D4T2 GM50-D4T3 GM50-D4T9HX GM50-P4T2 GM50-P4T3 GM50-P4T9HX GM50-S4N 9HX GM50-S4N2 GM50-S4N3 GM50-V4H2 GM50-V4H3 GM50-V4H9HX


110 240 415

GM50 motor driven dosing pump, maximum flow 50.00 l/h (1.5 bar) maximum pressure 10 bar (38.00 l/h). Range of liquid end materials for compatibility with most chemicals.

Part No. Head Connections
110 Volt 230 Volt 415 Volt
GM50- P4T9HX GM50- P4T2 GM50- P4T3 PP 6 x 8 6 x 12 1/2 BSP
GM50- D4T9HX GM50- D4T2 GM50- D4T3 PVDF 6 x 8 6 x 12 1/2 BSP
GM50- V4H9HX GM50- V4H2 GM50- V4H3 PP (HV) 9 x 12 tube (D)
15 x 23 pipe (S)
GM50-S4N9HX GM50- S4N2 GM50- S4N3 316 S.S F1/2” BSP


ConnectionsHead MaterialMax Flow (l/h)Max Pressure (Bar)Part NoVoltage
6X8 6X12 1/2 BSPPP5010GM50-P4T9HX110
6X8 6X12 1/2 BSPPP5010GM50-P4T2240
6X8 6X12 1/2 BSPPP5010GM50-P4T3415
6X8 6X12 1/2 BSPPVDF5010GM50-D4T9HX110
6X8 6X12 1/2 BSPPVDF5010GM50-D4T2240
6X8 6X12 1/2 BSPPVDF5010GM50-D4T3415
9X12 TUBE (D) 15X23 TUBE (S)PP (HV)5010GM50-V4H9HX110
9X12 TUBE (D) 15 X 23 TUBE (S)PP (HV)5010GM50-V4H2240
9X12 TUBE (D) 15X23 TUBE (S)PP (HV)5010GM50-V4H3415
F 1/2 BSP316 SS5010GM50-S4N 9HX110
F 1/2 BSP316 SS5010GM50-S4N2240
F 1/2 BSP316 SS5010GM50-S4N3415

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