Drum Transfer Pump Tubes

Key Specifications

Part No

CK8339-1 CK8347-1 KY-8339-1 KY-8347-1 PP-8339-1 PP-8347-1 SS-8339-1 SS-8347-1

Drum transfer pump tubes to be used with our drum pump motors,Ā 

DiameterMaterialOutlet Diameter (inches)Part NoTube Length (mm)
41 MmCpvc1 CK8339-11000
41 MmCpvc1CK8347-11200
41 MmPolypropylene 1PP-8339-11000
41 MmPolypropylene 1PP-8347-11200
41 MmPVDF1KY-8339-11000
41 MmPVDF1KY-8347-11200
41 MmStainless Steel1SS-8339-11000
41 MmStainless Steel1SS-8347-11200

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