LDS-RH ORP (REDOX) Controller With Electrode

The LDS-RH controller provides reliable and accurate measurement and control of ORP (REDOX) and forms the basis of a remote management system allowing users to read, analyse and modify parameters from PC, tablet or smart phone when used with the ethernet or GSM/GPRS option to connect to the ERMES WEB application.


  • Easy to control by Encoder Wheel with "Easy Nav" rotation
  • Universal power suplly 90 - 240 volt AC
  • Measurement range -1000mV - +2000mV
  • Control modes: 1 x on/off, 1 x pulse proportional.
  •  4 - 20 mA output signal
  • ERMES web communication (Option)
Part No Description
LDS-RH ORP (REDOX) Controller, 90-240 volt AC. Measurement range -1000mV - +2000mV. Suitable for in-line applications only .
LAN-COM LAN network card and RJ45 cable allows network connection between LDS-PH-A controller and ERMES WEB application.
GSM-MOD GSM modem built in to the LDS-PH-A controller allows connection to the ERMES WEB application. Supplied with antenna,requires cutomer supplied data SIM card.



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