Conductivity Controller Accessories

A range of probes and accessories for the DC4000/DC4500 Conductivity Controllers.


Part No Description
34659 Carbon probe for DC4000/DC4500 (April 1999 onwards) New style with locating pin. Cable length 3 metres.
35659 Carbon probe as above complete with PVC union style3/4" NPT tee.
35660 3/4" NPT PVc tee for 34659 carbon probe.
36130 Flow switch with 3/3" NPT connections, will shut down the output of controller if flow less than 170 l/h.
34761 Boiler probe assembly complete with probe, conduit box and sampling cross. 204ºC 17.3 Bar. (For  use with DC4000 only)
34759 Replacement stainless steel boiler probe. (DC4000 only)
32576 Carbon probe for AC1000, DC1000 and DC4000/4500(Pre April 1999) Old style with securing pump.
32383 PVC 3/4" tee for in-line systems.
32383-DP 32576 probe complete with 18" PVC probe holder
14853 Extension cable for conductivity. (Minimum 5 metres)
CC-1 150ml 1000 microSiemens/Cm buffer solution
CC-3 150ml 3000 microSiemens/Cm buffer solution



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