LDS-CL Chlorine Controller With Open Amperometric Cell

The LDS-CL controller provides reliable and accurate measurement and control of chlorine and forms the basis of a remote management system allowing users to read, analyse and modify parameters from PC, tablet or smart phone when used with the ethernet or GSM/GPRS option to connect to the ERMES WEB application.

The LDS-CL is supplied complete with open amperometric cell, electrode, glass cleanig ball and proximity flow switch for the measurement of free chlorine or bromine.Measurement range 0 - 10mg/l (PPM)

  • Easy to control by Encoder Wheel with "Easy Nav" rotation
  • Universal power suplly 90 - 240 volt AC
  • Measurement range 0 - 10mg/l (PPM)
  • Control modes: 1 x on/off, 1 x pulse proportional.
  • Ā 4 - 20 mA output signal
  • ERMES web communication (Option)
Part No Description
LDS-CL Chlorine controller complete with open amperometric cell and electrode. Measuring range 0 - 10mg/l (PPM)
LAN-COM LAN network card and RJ45 cable allows connection between LDS-CL controller and ERMES WEB application.
GSM-MOD GSM modem built in to the LDS-CL controller allows connection to the ERMES WEB application. Supplied with antenna, requires customer supplied data SIM card.

The open amperometric cell provides accurate and reliable chlorine control. Easy maintenance due to self cleaning platinum and copper electrode.Maximum flow 30 l/h, maximum pressure 5 bar.


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