world pumps dab centrifugal pump

Key Specifications

Max Pressure (bar)


Part No

DAB-110 DAB-240


110 240

World pumps cast iron centrifugal boost pump. Peripheral centrifugal pump with compact dimensions. Capable of generating high heads and suitable for domestic installations, water supply systems, small gardening applications, draining and filling cisterns, and for light industrial uses, such as feeding pressurized boilers (anti-condensation).

Operating range:
from 5 to 50 l/m with head up to 84 metres.
Pumped liquid: clean, free of solids and abrasives, non-viscous, nonaggressive, non-crystallised and chemically neutral.
Liquid temperature range:
from 0 °C to +35 °C for domestic use.
from -10°C to +50°C for other uses.
Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar (6 bar for KPS-KPF 30/16).
Installation: fixed, horizontal position.
Motor protection class: IP 44
Protection class at the terminal board:
IP 55 for KP38/18 and for KPF 45/20;
IP44 for KPF/S 30/16
Insulation class: F
Standard voltage: single-phase 1 x 230 V / 50 Hz
three-phase: 3 x 230-400 V / 50 Hz.
Special executions on requests: alternative voltages and frequencies.


Brass pump body and motor support for KP 60/6 and KP 60/12. Pump body with radial suction for KP and KPS; front suction for KPF. Cast iron support with brass wear disc for KPS 30/16 and KP 38/18. KPS 30/16 is available on request with bronze pump body and support. Brass impeller. Carbon/ ceramic mechanical seal.


Max Pressure (bar)OutputPart NoVoltage
105-50 L A Min At Head Up To 84 MetersDAB-110110
105-50 L A Min At Head Up To 84 MetersDAB-240240

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