LMI Timers

LMI Timers for simple control of dosing pumps, etc.

Liquid Metering Instruments supply a wide range of timers for simple automated control of the LMI dosing pumps and equipment.

We can supply the following range of timers for your control needs:

  • Digital 24 hr/ 7 day operation.
  • Shot dose timers, for single shot (batch dose), via a simple push button action.
  • Recycling timers, designed to give an asymmetrically adjustable ON/ OFF sequence to control your dosing pump. IE From power up, Pump ON for 15 minutes, then OFF for 45 minutes. Continuous operation until such time as the timer is de-energised.

All of these timers can be supplied “boxed” loose (for on site installation by others), or they can be mounted into a “weather proof” enclosure, supplied with our without an individual isolation switch and pre wired and terminated in fused output terminals for ease of on site installation.

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