Cooling Tower Water Treatment System

Fully automatic CWT system for legionella control


This fully automatic CWT system was required in order to meet L8 ACOP for legionella control.

Meetings were arranged to determine a full understanding of the client’s requirements of connectivity to on site SCADA system, gather data to establish an acceptable treatment philosophy and to size an appropriate ergonomic system which performs to the client’s expectations.

Our client is well established in the field of water treatment and knew exactly which parameter needed to be controlled on this particular site with this application so it was a matter of designing a system which could operate fully in a given volume of space.

Principle of operation

This fully automatic CWT system has been designed to operate in conjunction with a flow of cooling tower sample water with the monitored data sent to an existing SCADA system before being used to control appropriate dosing pumps in order to maintain the correct water chemistry, to aid cooling and provide expected levels of cost saving whilst ensuring adherence to current legislation. The site had a partial system already installed and connected to the same SCADA system.

This system measures pH and REDOX from one of the sample manifolds and the corresponding chlorine and bromine chemicals are dosed prior to a static mixer on the other manifold. The Bio-dispersant, non-oxidising biocide and inhibitor are dosed directly into the sump.

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